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Joint Chairmen & Co-Founders

Mr. Takashi Tsukamoto

Takashi Tsukamoto

Chairman, Japan-British Society


The Japan-British Society has taken on the responsibility of fund-raising from Japanese corporations for the Sakura Cherry Tree Project.

The world is currently in the midst of major global political and economic change, which may impact on bilateral relations. Despite such circumstances, many Japanese corporations have decided to generously donate to this project based upon a deep understanding of the spirit of the project, namely that the Japanese people wish to plant cherry blossom trees in the UK as a symbol to reaffirm the history of long friendship between our two nations and to express the intention of the respective citizens to further develop this friendship regardless of the political or economic situation.

I am deeply grateful for all the efforts and support given by people and corporations both in Japan and UK to this project.

Mr. Keisaku Sandy Sano

Keisaku Sandy Sano
Chairman, Japan Matsuri

Japan and the UK have enjoyed strong links dating back over 150 years to the 1868 Meiji Restoration and beyond. This gift of Japanese cherry trees to the UK is made in appreciation of the friendship between our two nations.

The Sakura Cherry Tree Committee acknowledges the generous donations from the Japanese private sector, made via the Japan British Society in Tokyo, and coordinated in the UK by the Japan Matsuri charity which enjoys support from Japanese companies and related organisations.

Each spring, as the wave of cherry blossom moves from the Channel Islands in the south to northernmost parts of Scotland, we look forward to celebrating our continuing friendship far into the future.

Committee Members

  • Deputy Chairman Victoria Borwick
  • Deputy Chairman Takaaki Hanaoka
  • Deputy Chairman¬†Heidi Potter
  • Naoko Abe
  • Chizuko Winter
  • Daisuke Tsuchiya
  • Tadaharu Iizuka
  • Manabu Yamamoto
  • Embassy of Japan in the UK
  • Yoshio Mitsuyama

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