Our Mission

The UK and Japan have a strong relationship developed over more than 150 years. At the heart of the relationship is a desire for mutual understanding and to learn from each other’s way of life, culture and history.

By planting thousands of sakura trees across the UK, Sakura Cherry Tree Project hopes to bring the UK-Japan relationship close to our communities. These trees are a strong symbol of our friendship that can be supported and enjoyed by future generations and we hope these new plantings will be embraced by our communities for the future.

Our mission is to create a legacy for the future generations and to bring a sign of the relationship between the UK and Japan to our communities. As we enjoy the cherry blossom each spring, they will remind us of a new season of potential collaborations and growing friendships. The project therefore will plant cherry trees in parks and public spaces across the United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Up to 100 trees will be planted in each location, though the exact number varies depending on the unique character of each park. In recognition of the links many schools have with Japan and the importance of nurturing the next generation, schools are participating in this project.

These cherry trees will bloom well into the 22nd century and the legacy of the warm friendship between our two nations and the stories behind this project will be remembered every spring for many years to come.